>Ma crème> #General IQ #declining ? (reverse #Flynn)

2 thoughts on “>Ma crème> #General IQ #declining ? (reverse #Flynn)”

  1. Just an opinion:

    I’m not sure whether dysgenics is real in developed countries. The theory seems sound. The more intelligent a person is, the more likely to have fewer children. Partly this is because higher education and careers for women interfere with child raising plans, and partly it’s an economic decision because kids are expensive. I’m sort of blogging about this.

    Changing nutrition and education systems might account for the Flynn effect relative to less developed times, and we in the developed world may have had our increases already.

    Another possible cause I’ll throw out there is a peak of public education in some countries. Political and fad topics and strategies, like “learning styles” or New Math, are unquestionable dogma with no basis in reality, and displace or interfere with useful learning.

    I think TV and the Internet are making the dumb dumber and the smart smarter. There isn’t much you can watch without bleeding IQ points.

    The nice thing about being intelligent: the world makes sense. You can see why things happen. The bad things: hubris, and knowing that the world has serious problems that it’s not fixing. I worry a lot about the future.



    1. Regarding “New Math”: IMHO, is well-intended but poorly thought-out and poorly executed (do the teachers understand it themselves?). New Math should not be about stupid calculation procedures. I think it was meant to be about appreciating patterns in mathematical nature, for example the Commutative Laws (a+b = b+a, ab=ba, which means it does not matter in which order you add or multiply numbers) and the Associative Laws ((a+b)+c=a+(b+c), (ab)c=a(bc), which means it does not matter how you group together additions and multiplications). If that is the case, they should have let kids explore other types of doing arithmetic e.g. Russian Peasant Algorithm, Egyptian Fractions, Most-Significant-Digits-First (Right-to-Left), which are different but based on the same arithmetic/algebraic laws. Let them choose, investigate and compare Mayan, Babylonian and Roman Systems, and challenge them to see if they could invent a better way do arithmetic.


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